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Chaumont Bay Marina

Chaumont Bay Marina provides a variety of supplies and services to the boating community in Chaumont, NY. We employ courteous and resourceful staff to ensure that all customers and their properties are given the best attention.

Boat Storage - Chaumont, NY - Chaumont Bay Marina - Competitive rates

Learn More About Chaumont Bay Marina:

  • Docking, slips, and inside storage
  • Full hookup campground and store
  • Gas, oil, and boat supplies / parts
  • Fishing tackle, bait, and accessories
  • Fishing boat, rentals

Contact Chaumont Bay Marina today at 315-649-5050 for all of your Chaumont, NY dockage needs.

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Chaumont Bay Marina - 11599 Circle Dr., Chaumont, NY 13622
Chaumont Bay Marina

11599 Circle Dr
Chaumont, NY 13622

Hours of Business:

 May – October Open 7 Days